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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 20
Chapter 20
"Sheesh Lily, good job getting us lost."
Lily glared at her sister. "How many times do I have to say it - I thought I knew where we were going."
"But, you didn't. And now, we're lost. Congrats."
"Look, shorty, if you think you could've done better..."
Shayde turned to her sister to retort, but Mitsuki interrupted by placing her hands on the girl's shoulders.
"Calm down you two. The river is up ahead; we can follow it back," she said.
Lily looked at her friend, stunned. "How do you know...?" All she got in response was a small smile, and an outstretched finger pointing ahead. From where they were standing, Lily could see the river. Behind her, Shayde giggled quietly, trying to keep her amusement to herself.
"Anyway, let's get going!" Lily shouted, trying to shift the conversation away from her embarrassment. She began to charge ahead, Mitsuki following calmly behind.
Shayde paused by the river. Something was amiss here, she just didn't know what. Turning around, she noticed a
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Kisai walked briskly, leading the students towards their destination
without a word. As the trees grew denser, heads began turning from
side to side, looking around in nervous anticipation. Emi kept close
to Suzu as they followed the rest of the crowd. She could see that
Suzu was at least as nervous as her, if not more so, but Suzu’s
outward confidence was contagious. The group continued walking until
they had reached a large clearing. Behind them, the sunlight had been
able to cut through the canopy of trees, but after the clearing, the
trees were dense enough to darken the ground.
“Here we are. Your destination is straight ahead of you. You have your
maps, so there should be no problems. If you get injured, break the
crystal, and someone will come and find you. Of course, that shouldn’t
be an issue.” Kisai looked around at the young people standing around
him. Pausing for a second, he added, “Oh… and, good luck.”
With that he walked forwa
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Emi sat back and let her mind wander as Haruhi, Isaak and Suzu continued talking.
As long as I stay close to these three… I should be fine. I hope.
As she sat, not really paying attention to anything, a shadow descended over her from behind. Looking up, she saw the face of a boy, smiling sardonically.  
“So, Emi, you ready for this? I sure hope the best student’ll be able to pass this test with flying colors. After all, I’m sure with your superior knowledge, you should be able to breeze through this.” Shinji sneered as he laughed at the girl.
Emi looked up at him, slightly puzzled by his words. “Thank… you?”
“No, I have all but the utmost respect for the top-scoring student in the school. I’m sure you’ll be able to hold off all of the terrors that the forest has to hold.”
“Terrors?” Emi’s eyes widened at the word.
“Oh, you know, the usual stuff. Large, wild, hungry animals that a
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Kisai looked around at the gathered students.
"Okay. Here's how this is going to work. All of you are going to go from here to the temple at the top of the hill. Anyone who makes it, passes. You will each be given a map, and once in the woods, you may use any means possible. We will begin the test in an hour." And with that, Kisai turned and left, seemingly ignorant of the murmurs and fear his comment had spread.
Emi looked at Suzu, who, much to Emi's surprise, looked calm in the face of what appeared to be clear danger.
Suzu looked back at Emi, smiling brightly. "Don't ya worry about that thing, k? We'll be fine. Just stick by me, got it?"
Nervous, Emi looked back at the other girl. "Okay. Got it." Despite Suzu's vote of confidence, Emi wasn't convinced.
By now, the group had dispersed to the various corners of the courtyard, some students by themselves and others in small groups. Emi followed Suzu to where Isaak and Haruhi were standing and talking.
"Look, all I'm saying i
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Shayde looked at her sister as they entered the front of the school. "Well, at least we aren't late today. Just be glad I decided to wake you up for a change."
"Oh, be quiet. At least we didn't spend too much time waiting for Mitsuki."
"Because you forgot today was the day she shows up early."
Even as they bickered back and forth, they continued heading for the main courtyard. Turning a corner, they noticed Mitsuki coming towards them from down the hall.
"Hey! Mitsuki!" Lily called at her friend, who replied, "Good morning."
"So, how goes the training?"
"It's going well."
Shayde laughed, "You know, I really don't understand why she's making you learn archery when you're already amazing with a sword."
Mituski sighed, "I don't really know myself. But, it's enjoyable, to say the least. Say... have any of you seen Emi yet? I was wondering if she knew about today's mock mission."
Lily looked stunned for a second. "What? That's today? I just hope it goes well..."
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Twilight Chronicles Special 1
Shayde walked the hallways of her school, smiling outwardly, but on the inside...
Okay. I can do this. I just have to go up to Cade-sempai and give him the chocolate. It's easy. Just go up to him and say "Happy Valentine's day, Cade-sempai!" I can do this. I can do this.
As she wandered around looking for her senior, she confidence rose and fell in cycles.
I'm just glad Lily's not here right now... she'd just mess with my nerves even more. Although, it would be nice to have someone there, in case I get too nervous. No, no I shouldn't think about that. Just look for Cade-sempai, look for Cade-sempai.
Turning a corner, Shayde noticed an unfortunately familiar scene. Her face fell as she watched Mitsuki's brother, Ken, talk to her sister.
"But, Lily-san, I just know you have something for me. It is the day on which beautiful girls like you are supposed to confess their feelings to handsome men, like me." Ken smiled in a manner reminiscent of a predator that had spied its pre
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 15
Chapter 15
As the girls began their trek home, Shayde and Lily were at it again. Mitsuki smiled to herself, slightly. Despite the triviality of their fights, Mitsuki admired the bond they shared as sisters, and smiled as she watched them comically go back and forth.
It must be nice to have someone that close.
As they walked on, Mitsuki stayed a pace or two behind the other girls. She began to tune them out slightly as she looked around her. The sun was just beginning reach the horizon, and the gentle breeze played with her hair as her mind turned to her evening routine.
I'm a little more tired than normal this evening, so I might have to tone it down a little tonight.
She looked up at the trees that stood scattered along the cobblestone path they walked along. The combination of the breeze and the sun illuminated the leaves in a way that she found particularly beautiful. Her pace unconsciously slowed as her mind wandered randomly - she was just struck by the moment, and tried to absorb
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 14
Chapter 14
The rest of the school day passed without incident.
Shayde called at Emi as Lily and Mitsuki turned to leave, "See you tomorrow!"
Emi called back, "You too! Pleasant dreams!"
They made their way from Emi's room in the manor towards the main entrance. "Man, what a day, what a day. I can't wait to get home. I'm exhausted!" Lily said, yawning as she spoke.
Shayde looked at her sister in mock surprise. "What? You? Tired? I never would have thought I'd see the day!"
"Oh, lay off it Shayde."
"Fine, but only because you're exhausted," Shayde replied dryly, emphasizing the last word.
From around the corner, a slightly scatterbrained boy walked right into Lily without even looking.
"Hey! Watch it!" Lily said reflexively. Looking back at the boy she ran into, she laughed. "Oh, it's just Cade. No big deal then."
"Sorry, sorry. I'm just in a bit of a rush today. I finally got my latest gadget working and… hey, you guys want to see it?"
The three girls looked at each other simultane
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Emi looked at the other three girls. "Well, it's like this. It all started fifty years ago, with a cherry grove..."
----50 years ago----
Ryouta Karasuma sat on the blanket, looking at his family. "I always did love cherry blossoms in full bloom," he remarking, smiling contently to himself. Tomomi, his wife, looked back at him. "Yes, dear, you have to admit, they always are so beautiful."
Ryouta picked up the nearby tea kettle, and poured some for the both of them. Passing the cup to his significant other, he inhaled in tranquil odor of the tea. "It only seems like yesterday that we were but children, frolicking through these trees."
Tomomi rubbed her now-large stomach, laughing with a clear rich tone. "Yes, but I'm afraid I'm in no condition for that right now."
"Of course, dear. Even so, those were times to remember. And once our child is born, we can bring him with us as we frolic once more," Ryouta concluded, excitedly.
Still laughing, Tomomi replied, "Remember dear, it c
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 12
Chapter 12
The girls sat down at the same spot as they had the day before - right on the stairs in the main courtyard.
"So, Emi, how're you enjoying school so far?" asked Lily, between bites of food.
"I'm enjoying it! Well, it's definitely different from home, but I really like it."
Shayde laughed, "Yeah, well, it helps that you have friends, I guess."
Emi smiled back. "I know. You're all so nice to me. I think if everyone else had this kind of friends, they wouldn't be dropping out."
Lily's head snapped at the comment. "What? People are already dropping out?"
Shayde's eyes rolled almost unconsciously as she replied, "What? Don't you remember last year? Half the class was gone before the end of trial week."
Emi's eyes widened, "What? Is it normal for people to leave like this?"
"Actually, that's how this school was designed. Anyone's allowed to enter for the first week, where the instructors test the incoming students to see if they are even worth teaching. Of course, there's no set cl
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Twilight Chronicles Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Emi and Lily soon found their way back to the room. As they turned the final corner, their came face to face with the mob of students looking up and down the list of test scores, and various cries of both joy and sorrow.
Lily called out, "Hey! Shayde! How'd Emi do?"
Shayde and Mitsuki made their way out of the crowd, and joined up with the other two girls. Mitsuki smiled at Emi, and said "Go see for yourself."
The crowd was already beginning to thin as they walked forward, Emi shaking slightly from her nerves. The smiles on Shayde and Mitsuki's faces weren't exactly comforting her either.
They soon found the paper, and Emi scanned the paper for her name, starting from the bottom, where she expected to find herself. As she worked her way up the list, her eyes opened wider as they read higher. Finally she reached her name - at the top of the list. She turned around to face the other three, stunned, as they smiled at her.
"Congrats Emi. Wow. You did good, better than I did at l
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So, here's to getting a crap-load of comments on this when hell freezes over! Again, any and all help with spriting from advice to a willingness to actually help out would be much obliged.

Oh, right, if you want to help, I'll send you the info about what the game privately. I'd also be asking about how much time/effort you'd be willing to invest.
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